What do we mean by CX and how YOU can improve it

September 11, 2019 | 2 Minute Read

Have you ever been in a situation where you were on a support hotline on hold forever?

Or you went through a whole purchase process on a website only to find out at the very end that your product was out of stock? Or you were contacted by a sales rep of a company trying to convince you to buy a product that you just bought a week ago? Or a company’s social media channels are advertising contradicting offers to you? Or you simply were confronted with overly (and unnecessarily) complicated pricing structures to make it impossible to figure out how much you’d actually have to pay?

We all know these situations. And we are sure we can agree that this is not in our (=customers) best interest or it simply sucks. Generally, these situations are summarized as customer experience (CX).

With our Red Hat hackathon “ReBoot Customer Experience with Open Source” we want to offer you the chance to take the worst of these experiences and to suggest and create new ways to improve customer experience leveraging open source technologies.

What do we mean by customer experience (CX)?

Wikipedia offers an excellent description of customer experience as how the sum of all “interactions between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship” determines our perception of a company or brand. This includes all touchpoints that we may have with a company and their brand. Due to the rise of the Internet, mobile devices, social media and increased connectedness this is admittedly also very hard to get right.

Providing an outstanding customer experience that customers actually love is especially challenging in more traditional industries like banking, insurance, telecommunications, public sector/government, healthcare, manufacturing, or transportation. These markets offer great opportunities for change and disruption as has been shown by many examples such as Uber disrupting transportation, Twilio disrupting telcos and Stripe or Transferwise disrupting banking.

In our hackathon, we want to keep it open, to not set any limitations to your own creativity. Think of any customer experience situation that you didn’t like and come up with a solution to improve it. The sky’s the limit. You choose the area. You choose the app, experience, service, frameworks or programming languages. We only want you to leverage the power of open source technology provided by Red Hat.

This will be an amazing opportunity to leverage the power and disruptiveness of open source. What better way to do this than by teaming up with your best colleagues, compete against the best developers in EMEA, and take home awesome prizes!

Head to the Hackathon site to find the detailed hackathon judging criteria and the exact submission information and dates.

Seeing is believing: Come and show us your way to ReBoot customer experience with open source!