Why Open Source?

October 17, 2019 | 1 Minute Read

Why contribute to open source projects? There are a number of reasons to contribute to OSS (Open-Source Software).

Here we will enumerate the main motivations that developers have when considering Open Source:

  • Learning Purpose.
  • Coding Skills Improvement.
  • Experience Gain.
  • Recognition Boost.
  • Community Impact.
  • Portfolio and CV.
  • Fun.

Motivation and Karma

Contributing to open source has the reputation of being intimidating because you are exposing your work, which could lead to criticism, but that should not stop you, it is demonstrated that not only there is way more pros (as we have seen before) than cons, but also it brings up motivation, increases your development karma and it is in the end very rewarding and fulfilling.

Wrapping up: Reporting Red Hat issues

For the purpose of making our open source products and services better, you can start contributing by reporting bugs and issues related to any of our technologies. It is pretty simple:

  1. Go to our Github Organization Page.
  2. Navigate to the corresponding repository related to the technology you are reporting bugs to. Example: Decision Manager
  3. In the issues section, open a new one by clicking on the new issue button.
  4. Add a clear description and label it.
  5. Get some extra points in the hackathon. Check the Judging Criteria Section for more information.